Luft·schloss /ˈlʊftʃlɔs/
something you would like to have, what you want, but that only exists in your imagination | castle in the air

Luftschloss is an experimental international design collective co-founded by Yann Junod and Bojana Papic. We practice context-sensitive approach to architecture and socially sustainable urban design informed by research. We seek to blur the boundaries between disciplines, situating ourselves in the space between urbanism, architecture, design and social sciences.

Yann Junod is an architect and urban designer from Switzerland. Yann is currently working as a scientific collaborator with Prof. Martina Voser at the Chair of Landscape Architecture ETH Zurich.

Bojana Papić is an architect, urban designer and researcher from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bojana is currently employed as a scientific collaborator at Prof. Hubert Klumpner’s Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, ETH Zurich.